foobar2000 audio player

foo_podcatcher ^

A podcatcher component for subscribing to, downloading, and playing RSS and Atom podcast feeds in foobar2000.

Download foo_podcatcher 0.2.5 (beta) for foobar2000 1.x

To install: Open the foobar2000 preferences dialog, select the Components page, and click 'Install...'

Changes for 0.2.x

Known issues

Older changes...

Please note that this beta version is a work in progress and therefore not feature complete. It may also contain bugs, some of which could bite. That said, all feedback is welcome!

Podcatcher Feed and Download Manager UI Elements in action (v0.1.5).

*Serving suggestion

As of version 0.1.0, foo_podcatcher provides a service for other components to determine if a file is a podcast, and for getting and setting the resume point for podcasts. This could be useful for components which copy files to portable players and wish to treat podcasts differently. To use, include this file in your project: foo_podcatcher_service.h

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